I'm in a fase of my life where I'm into a lot of alternative stuff, after being convinced of the fact, that there's more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. This I will write about in my blog - in addition to every-day-stuff worth sharing.
Have you made similar experiences or just want to comment in any way - please feel free to do so in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.
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lørdag 25. juni 2011

New blog

For those of you that used to follow me on this blog – I’m back – with a new blog. I figured it was time for changes – and the first one is my new blog. I’ve missed writing – I’ve missed the blog-community – and I’ve missed visiting your blogs.

The new blog is written in both Norwegian and English – hopefully the meaning of the posts comes through in both languages. Hope to see you there!!

Lots of love and hugs ♥♥♥


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