I'm in a fase of my life where I'm into a lot of alternative stuff, after being convinced of the fact, that there's more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. This I will write about in my blog - in addition to every-day-stuff worth sharing.
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fredag 29. januar 2010


During my education in acupressure some years ago – I was told about this special acupunct/reflexarea under the foot. If you’re in a bad mood – just put on your walking-shoes and start walking. During the walk – we get pressure on this point and becomes happier. I never took any notes about this – and quite frankly – I’ve forgotten exactly where it is … Does anybody know where this acupunct/reflexarea is located???

I know – that the walk itself – may lead to much better moods. So maybe it was just a trick – to make us walk more .. or is it actually for real??


(I found this chart on Google!)

But if the point is to be happier – then does it really matter – if it’s for real or not? Just go for that walk!

Or – maybe the point is – if there is such an acupunct/reflexarea – then we could just press and massage it for a while – and we don’t have to go for a walk?

We can stay in – watching TV or blogging on our computers – and still be …

happy happy happy :o)


Have a great weekend – lots of love – and hugs - from Torilpia!


lørdag 23. januar 2010

What do you think?

Are we in for a Shift of the Ages?

What is 2012 about?

I found this one to be quite fascinating ..

And again – I wish we could stop all war – stop all the fighting!

I quote Leo Tolstoj;

“Everyone thinks of changing the world,

but no one thinks of changing himself.”

I quote from the last youtube-clip;

“You are only a thought away, from changing your life.”

Wish you all the best – lots of love – lots of hugs!!

Torilpia :o)

mandag 18. januar 2010

When children are growing up ..

It’s monday – I’m a bit tired – but still ready for a brand new week. DSC_0003

It’s been a calm weekend. I feel more rested than before. But still – there’s something bothering me. As some of you might know, I do have two teenage daughters. The oldest is going on 18 and the other is soon to be 14. They are in different stages of their lives – but have gotten a lot more in common lately.  Everything isn’t dominated by competition or siblings-jealousy. It is a fact that they were fighting like cats and dogs when they were younger. Whatever one of them got – the other wanted it as well. A few years ago – this changed. Now it’s very rare to hear them argue at all.

Wonderful :o)

What I wanted to write about here – is the feeling one gets when we realizes that our children is growing up. How do you deal with that? How can we let go – and trust them to manage their lives on their own? My 14-year-old is talking about moving away to another part of the country – with her dad. And the feeling hit me like a giant waterfall. My oldest daughter has been living with her dad the past couple of years – but they are living only one hours drive away. It’s many times that long to where my 14-year-old now wants to move - Oslo. I’m used to the situation of my oldest not living here, but still I have been feeling sad when she, because of friends and boyfriend – haven’t been here in weekends as often as she used to. I’m telling myself that she is a very sensible girl – not much fooling around there – and she is after all – almost grown up. In Norway 18 is the “grown-up-age” – when we are allowed most things, like driving a car, buying alcohol and tobacco, visit night clubs and vote at political elections. And - it is her father who is mainly responsible for her now – after all – not me … So ease up, woman!!! But I do like to control it all a little bit – anyway .. : o)  

Back to my 14-year-old – who was my little girl in so many years before my youngest arrived in 2005. She has always been very attached to me, didn’t like sleep-overs and always needed to know where I was. The separation between us startet a little rough – by my youngest being born. Since then it’s happened bit by bit. She is very independent and manage to fix most things by herself. Now it’s all about horses, computers and friends. And every now and again – a small crush :o) She has mentioned this moving-thing before – but I haven’t actually paid any attention to it. Until now. Now it’s actually a chance of this being the reality. I am comforting myself – saying it might not last for so very long – but then again it might. If she likes the place, the people and the school. And it’s good for her – having more time with her dad – it’s not THAT long to Oslo is it ?? …. But it’s a long travel just for a hug!

image… a hunger for life … Source; unknown! 

This feeling – it has to be some kind of separation-anxiety – can’t find a word that covers it better. How do we prepare for this? Why aren’t we told about this pain – this fear – growing inside lots of parents – when our children leaves home as young adults and independent individuals?

I can’t answer that – in any other way – than with some words from the book I can’t seem to finish; Conversations with God 1; (I have the Norwegian copy – and will try to translate it back into English without loosing it’s meaning)

“If you want a guaranty in life - you don’t want life. You want a copy of a manuscript already written.”

With these words  – I send you a big hug – because I need it – maybe you need it too?? :o)



onsdag 13. januar 2010

Way too much to think about ..

Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing anything. Not because I don’t have anything to write about – but because there is so much I want to share with my readers. There’s too much thinking – and not so much doing/writing. Maybe I’m under the influence of The High Priestess :o)

I’ll show you some pictures instead .. :o) They are all taken through the kitchen-window at my boyfriends house.

I didn’t want to go outside – but my boyfriend was there – and our little girl loved it outside. She has now found the “thinking-place” – the big stone where I often sit – looking at the sea – thinking. But mostly at summer – that is. There is a fantastic wiew. If you look the other way than our little girl does on this picture  :o)

There is a little reflection of the window .. 

 DSC_0074 DSC_0070

We don’t use this entrance this time of the year :o)



The sunset

DSC_0080 DSC_0079 DSC_0078

The mountains in the background – are the ones on the small island called Tustna.


Another day – we can barely see something called the sun, far away and above the clouds :o)

The ocean is rather black and it’s pretty dark at noon.

DSC_0057 DSC_0056

It really is beautiful!

Enjoy :o)

Lots of love – Torilpia!!

lørdag 9. januar 2010

The High Priestess (II)

The third card in the major arcana. You can read about the first two here; The Fool (0) and The Magician (I).


The High Priestess

The unknown – Mystery – Secrets – The sixth sense.


When The High Priestess turnes up – she speaks of paying attention to our intuition and to trust it more than the obvious and logic solutions.

Look inside yourself, pay attention to your dreams, listen to your inner voice.


If she represent a person – it might be your mother, a female medium, a witch or a powerful, female boss/leader/chief. For a man she can represent the, at times, frightening female sides of himself, an independent woman that he can’t control or an idealized mistress that he can’t have a relationship to because she has no need of men – she may be interpreted as lesbian sexuality or a female mystery. For a woman she may represent the “my husband don’t understand me” situation or emotional isolation where the husband feel rejected and bitter.

She also represent the fase – the thinking period - before a creative period – like the unborn baby.

She is a world of secret ideas and inspiration, lust and curiosity, the virgin – untouched and full of possibilities to come. Be patient, wait until the right moment – she promise us knowledge – when the time is right.


Be aware though – of staying too long in this state of mind – take your inspiration and translate it into action.


Do you have anything to add – or do you have another interpretation of the card?  Let me know :o)

All my love – Torilpia :o)

onsdag 6. januar 2010

Lucky me :o)

The Christmas is over – the celebrating of the New year as well. What will this year bring of good and bad, happy and sad?

I haven’t taken away all of my Christmas decorations yet – but little by little it will all be gone in a few days. And then it’s about a year until next time. Well elleven months or less.

It’s really cold here in the middle of Norway these days. It’s been as low as - 24’C earlier today, and is probably even colder now.

Not so nice for outdoor activities.


I’m glad I don’t have to go to work when it’s so cold. Last year at this time I went to work at six or seven in the morning and wasn’t home again until six in the afternoon. Long - long days. But I can’t remember if there was this kind of cold weather at that time … ??

Anyway – I remain indoors – a lot of candles burning and a fire in my fireplace keeps me warm. The cat won’t go outside at all. I’m not looking forward to going to bed – the bedroom is soooo cold .. but I’ve opened the door now to make it warmer.

Actually – I am so lucky! I have a home – I have wood to put into my fireplace – I have a bedroom that is possible to make warmer – and I have clothes to put onto my body if I’m still freezing. Why complain about a cold bed? Why complain about the cold? Do I suffer? NO I DON’T!

It’s time to realize the fact that I am a lucky person – I AM SO FORTUNATE :o)

So what if the children argue?

So what if I’ve used a little too much money?

So what if I’m coming down with a cold?

So what if … ??

I’m still very fortunate compared to a lot of other humans in this world!

Are You?


All my love – Toril :o)