I'm in a fase of my life where I'm into a lot of alternative stuff, after being convinced of the fact, that there's more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. This I will write about in my blog - in addition to every-day-stuff worth sharing.
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torsdag 26. november 2009

A Wonderful World

I’m getting a little melancholic whenever I hear this song. Wonderful melody, beautiful words.

But in a way I feel that these days are over. The world doesn’t seem so wonderful anymore. Not if we take a look on everything that’s going on. People killing others – child abuse – rape  – stealing – cheating. Killing of the rainforrest – the ozon hole – extermination of rear animals,  insects and plants. Lack of drinking water and food. The financial crisis.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We all need to do whatever we can to help the environment, people in need and more. If you believe in the power of thinking – why don’t we all start thinking the same? Why don’t we all pull in the same direction? But I guess it’s an illution. This – and everything else – is all about money. In Neale Donald Walsh’s first book Conversations with God; he mention something about this. If nobody is sick – the doctors and many more are without work. These relations you’ll find in most professions – all over the world. It’s all about money.

Her er tyfonen Nida.

Pictures like this makes me wonder about 2012 .. will it happen .. or will something happen .. if it does – what can we expect? I don’t want to think about this so much .. but every now and then these thoughts come sneaking into my mind – and my heart beats just a little bit faster ..

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Meanwhile I will start looking for all those good things in life. For despite all the above – there are a lot of things to be greatful for. A lot of wonderful things. A lot of love.

Today is a wonderful day – for me – and I’ll do my best to keep it that way.

This morning’s heaven;

DSC_0004DSC_0002Beautiful sky today

Have a wonderful day – all my love!!



fredag 20. november 2009


My four-year-old daughter has, as long as I can remember (after she started talking properly – before the age of two) been talking about a place called; LIVIA.
Livia was where she had her house, her children (all eight of them), a father for the children and lots of other stuff and people. She has told us the names of these children (and remembered them at all times), the name of the first father and the second father. (The first one died for a reason I can’t remember right now.) She told us how things looked like and more. Her house was purple inside and white outside.
Whenever something happened in this life – she came up with a similar story from Livia. For a period of time – it was a little too much. But we didn’t say that she couldn’t talk about it. Then it was nothing – for a long time. Now – suddenly she began to talk about it again.
However – a couple of nights ago – she told me her house got caught in a volcano-burst and lava burnt all of it. All the children died. She said it like it was the most natural thing in the world.
I asked her if she didn’t have to go to Livia anymore – now that her kids were dead. She said; No – but she might would like to have new kids – when she grew up. We concluded that it was a bit tiring to travel between two homes like that and tend to eight children and a husband – when you’re just four years old :o)

I found this picture by searching for Livia – it’s on a page called Livia Corona – they are/have been building two million homes in Mexico .. do you see the little white house? – and in the back the volcano???? :o) Just kidding :o)
File:Livia, the wife of Augustus, superintending.jpg

Livia was also the name of one of the most powerful women in the Roman Empire. Married to Emperor Augustus. She was later called Julia Augusta.

It’s kind of fun she came up with such a name all by herself – at the age of two (or it may have been earlier).

Have a nice weekend – all of you :o)

mandag 16. november 2009

I just found this fantastic blog

For the ones who would like a shirt/t-shirt slightly different – visit this blog;
The designer is  Adina Maiorescu  – and I fell in love with the shirts at once :o)

This yin-yang shirt is my favorite – I think ..
.. or ..
maybe this black one – with words worth remembering;

Life is too short
to wake up with regrets.
Love the people who treat you right &
forget the ones who don’t!
Believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance – take it
If it changes your life – let it
Nobody said life would be easy
they just promised
it would be worth it.

So cute – just gotta love it :o)
All the pictures are taken from bubbles blog!

Scary stuff

Where I live – it’s kind of dark in the evenings this time of the year. There is no street lights and very little light from the houses along our road. I’m a bit of a sissy and don’t like to go outside when it’s dark.

And the reason why I’m so scared of this is a creature called MOOSE. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s not out walking after the dark – but still – I don’t like to go outside in the dark.

Photo; Håkon Røvang, Nittedal, Norway

Thursday – in the middle of the day – in broad daylight – there is a visitor coming up the driveway and into my yard. It’s a young moose. It stops in front of the house – a perfect position for a photo. I was sitting in front of the window – with my camera on the table next to me. I’ve just copied pictures from the camera into my laptop. I grabbed the camera – ready to shoot. But nothing happens. The battery in the camera was suddenly empty ….. I felt like screaming .. How often does this happen – that a moose is standing right outside my livingroom window?????

I’m running for my mobile phone – switcing on it’s camera – but the moose was moving. I went into my daughters room, which has a window in the direction the moose was heading. I see the moose, I push the mobile camera button – hoping to at least get a picture showing how close the moose was to my house. The camera locks a picture – but that is not the actual picture that is taken. Why do these kind of cameras do that – it fools me every single time. The picture I ended up with – has a brown-grey shadow behind the trees in the woods at the back of my garden. It sure doesn’t look like a moose. I got sooooo mad!!!!! Stupid - stupid camera ….

Back into the living room – my four-year-old ask me this; Why didn’t you use the little grey camera? ………….. I’ve forgotten my old Canon Ixus camera … :o(   And for once – it’s battery was full…………………….. How is it possible to ruin a chance like this .. ???

Anyway – it’s monday – it’s the beginning of a new week – with lots of new opportunities. I’m hoping for good health and great weather. Maybe even the moose comes back??? I wish .. :o)

Have a wonderful week!!!  Lots of love!!

torsdag 12. november 2009

Patch-work heaven

I had to take a photo of the sky today. DSC_0239
A great patch-work of clouds. DSC_0240
Amazing – in my opinion :o)
All my love!!

tirsdag 10. november 2009

The Fool

When I started making posts about my Tarot-cards – I started with The Magician (the second card) – wich actually has the number 1 (one) in the Major Arcana of Tarot. I should have started with The Fool  wich has number 0 (zero) – and is the first card in the deck. As you might know – the Tarot deck is split into The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana includes 22 special-cards – like The Magician and The Fool. The Minor Arcana is split in four “elements” (kind of like a normal card deck), wich is Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each one of this four “elements” contains the numbers from 1 (ace) – 10 in addition to four Court cards; King, Queen, Knight and Page.

Since The Fool is the first card in The Major Arcana – it’s natural to start with this card in a series of posts about the Tarot cards. So here we go! The Fool comes first – and his position in the card deck – gives us a sign of the cards meaning.


The Fool seems a little careless in a childish way. He’s playful, filled with wonder and curiosity. Dancing and juggling in the beginning of his journey. He’s innocent, filled with optimism and joy. He symbolize the start of a new process, a new choice. The options are many and open. Take a chance and not be afraid of what others think about it.

But don’t be reckless. In spite of the dancing and juggling – The Fool seems to be in control.

This card may symbolize the person you read or someone in this persons life (past, present or future). A person with The Fools features. Or it may symbolize a particular situation in this persons life. The cards next to The Fool or it’s placement – in the card-spread - will give you more information about who or what this is all about.

The Fool may be read in different ways – but it’s a positive card - if one is aware of carelessness and other less positive behaviours.

If YOU have something to add to this post, if something strikes you as odd or feels wrong – please leave a comment under this post. Remember – I’m still pretty new to Tarot and I still use the Tarot-books a lot :o)

Wish you a wonderful evening  - all my best!!

BTW; You can read the post about The Magician – here!

tirsdag 3. november 2009


Childrens way of thinking and their logic – never stops to amaze me.
My youngest daughter spoke at an early age – having real long conversations before she became two years old. She had full control of the words and their meaning. When she stumbled across new and difficult words – she still managed to use them correctly. Our family was really impressed. She wasn’t very old when this episode took place. She had figured out – that the floor was on the groud – and the ceiling was above us. In a way she concluded that it was the same way outside.
This was a sunny day – but with some clouds in the sky. Standing outside on the veranda, she was studying the clouds for a while before she asked me this;
- Why is there cotton on the ceiling?
Overf ©rt fra kamera 7 mai 2008 258
It does look a little like cotton – doesn’t it :o)
Now she has figured out this “sky – clouds – stuff”  - well .. almost :o) But then again – she is as a fact - FOUR years “BIG/OLD” :o) Important to remember the age at this time .. she sais .. :o)

On a drive to our nearest city – a couple of weeks ago – she became very fascinated of some factory-pipes, with smoke coming out of them.
She concluded that this was “cloud-factories”. Since they were making clouds – of course :o) 
Her grandfather bragged about her logic for a while – and she then replied;
- Yes, I’m clever and knows a lot of stuff! 
Well – who am I to argue about that?? :o)
Her self-confidence is the best – that’s for sure.
Anyway – the cloud-factories are working a little to hard these days – but I guess it’s normal for this time of the year. Have a nice week.
Lots of love!!
The last two pictures are Googled!