I'm in a fase of my life where I'm into a lot of alternative stuff, after being convinced of the fact, that there's more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. This I will write about in my blog - in addition to every-day-stuff worth sharing.
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torsdag 13. august 2009

Past life and regression

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Have you lived more than one life?

And what is regression?

I believe in reincarnation. I believe we have lived more than one life. Or at least is going to live more than one life. And when it comes to regression – I will now tell you about my experience with it – and also my meeting with another life of mine.


The therapist told me to talk about everything I felt, saw, heard, smelled or in other ways came into my head.

At first I was put into hypnosis by the therapist. She told me to visualize a corridor  with many doors. I was told to go through one of them. When I entered – everything was black. I was sure that this didn’t work with me. I am a skeptic – after all. But suddenly I saw a light. I was told to walk towards it – but when I reached the place the light must have come from – it was all dark. I couldn’t see anything. I felt some hands on my shoulders – trying to turn me in an other direction – as if I needed help to find the right direction. Then I was left alone in the dark. It became difficult to walk – since I couldn’t see and  I didn’t know the place. Somehow I got the feeling there was something wrong with my eyes. I felt alone, scared and couldn’t see anything. I had no shoes on my feet – I could feel the ground underneath me. My heart was beating so hard and fast. I was somewhat surprised of the different feelings my body and mind gave me through this regression.


Then the therapist counted me forward in time – to another important event in that life.

I then felt as if I was lying down – not in a soft bed – but on something hard. I still couldn’t see anything. I felt weak and very, very hungry. This was really weird since I ate dinner right before going to this regression. I was not hungry at all – in real life. I also felt very thin and bony. It was a struggle to sit up – and I just wanted to lie down – sleeping.


I was then counted forward in time again.

Still lying – I felt ok. Not hungry anymore. My heart was not beating fast or hard. Couldn’t feel it at all actually. In real life I felt it of course. And I finally saw something. It was a lot of grey planks nailed together. I got the feeling of lying in a coffin made of wood. The therapist wanted me to leave the body and go to my special healing place – but I couldn’t. She asked me if I wanted someone to help me – and I accepted. Since I felt so alone and sad – I really wanted some kind of mother-figure to help me. Then I saw a yellow bright light. Shaped like a woman. Kind of like Mother Theresa combined with Virgin Mary. I couldn’t see the face. but I felt the light all around me. Then the feeling of being all alone came over me so strong. I started to cry – and I cried for a long time. Still feeling the light all around me. It was very comforting – somehow. After I’ve got some healing – I was counted back into the present.


So this was my first meeting with an earlier life – a life as a blind person – all alone.

Now it makes sense to me – why I’m so afraid of going blind – and why eye-diseases frightens me so much.

But in a way – I’m still skeptic to what happened in there. Somehow I feel like I’ve made it all up. I just cannot explain the hands on my shoulders, my heart beating so fast and hard, the feeling of being hungry and the tears that came from nowhere.

DSC_0015 - Kopi

At another time – I will tell you about my next regression – I had another one done for not so long time ago.

So what do you think – did I make it all up – did the therapist feed me with the “right” questions and response leading up to what happened – or did I live this life earlier on? Have you had a regression or another experience that indicated that you have lived before? I really would like to hear about it. Please leave a comment :o)

Lots of hugs!!

A wonderful dream

Last night I had the most amazing dream. When I woke up – I felt so good – so happy and content.

Before I tell you about it – I must give you some background info.

Many years ago, in my first long time relationship – I lived in a house that sort of gave me the creeps. At night there were footsteps heard in the attic, in daytime we could smell a discusting odour in the dining area. We didn’t feel alone – that’s for sure.

One day, when I was in the kitchen – cleaning the oven – my back was turned against the dining area. I could have sworn there was something or someone wathing me from there. When I turned it was nothing there - of course – except from the odour I told you about. At that time, a friend came visiting – bringing her dog along. Strangely the dog got really desperate after entering the house. He started to whine and shiver – and ran for the door. Scratching to get out again. That was when I decided that I didn’t wanna stay there alone – never again …


Now – many years later, I was taken back to that house – in my dream. Strangely enough – I wasn’t afraid – not at all. It didn’t feel creepy or scary. The house was kind of reversed – as if I was seeing it in a mirror. I was standing in the livingroom wich was connected with the dining area. The room was bright and felt very cosy.


Suddenly a tiny little woman appeared. She reminded me about the short female psycic medium from the Poltergeist-movie. Only younger. She walked through the room, looking very confident and safe. Touching some of the tings – and then disappeared in thin air. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. A ghost! I was always sure that there was a ghost – and now I’ve seen it. I was so excited and happy. I had actually seen a ghost – yeah!!!

casper Picture from Google.

Later in the dream, I went into one of the bedrooms. There, in a large bed, my oldest daughter was lying for some reason. Beside her bed my mother was standing. In the footend of the bed – a crib – and in the crib – a small child sleeping. I wanted to tell them about the woman I saw in the livingroom, but was afraid I would scare them away.

While thinking of this – the woman re-appeared. This time in the bedroom. She walked up to the crib – lifted the child slightly before laying him/her down in another possision. Then she walked out of the room.

At first I couldn’t say anything – I was stunned. But then my daughter told me she had seen a womans “shadow” – kind of - by the crib. And my mother said she had seen a light moving towards the crib for so leaving the room. I knew they had to know so I told them what I’ve seen. We were all very excited – thinking this was a good thing.

It was amazing being able to share something like this with somebody that I loved and trusted.


When I woke up, I still was excited and full of energy – I felt really happy – as if it actually happened. The good feeling I got from this dream – nobody can take from me. However I doubt my mother and daugther would have liked this in real life. And I don’t know how I would have responded if this really happened or if it will happen …. :o)

So what did this dream mean?

I am not sure – it could mean a number of things …

Do you know or just have a suggestion??? I dare you to leave a comment here :o) (På norsk or in english)

lørdag 8. august 2009

Touched by a spirit

Last october – one of my best friends’ son – died of an accidental overdose. Only a month before he should have turned 22. He used to be such a great kid. This was a terrible experience for my friend. She was heartbroken and didn’t know how to manage through the day of the funeral. The day before - she was walking around in her house – yelling at her son’s picture; “How do you think I can manage to go throug this??” She was so hurt and got angry on him for being so foolish. The day of the funeral rised – she woke up feeling calmer than ever. Wow – was she strong and present that day or what. And she needed that strenght so bad. The church was packed with people and everyone wanted to talk to her – giving her stuff as memories and so on.

engler_small_3_1099167326 These angels are handmade by Ingun Dahlin on Heimdal in Trondheim, Norway!

A few days later – she told me about this, and we are both sure that it was her son that gave her the calm and peaceful feeling.

She also told me about an episode after the day of the funeral. While having visitors she broke down and ran into the bathroom, so she could cry alone. Leaning over the sink, with her head facing down and her  hands on both sides of it – she felt someone (most likely her son) putting his hand on top of one of hers, and she got that peaceful feeling again.

There was nobody else in the room and the door was locked. But she felt his hand so well.This story moves me every time I tell it!


She started reading a book called Journey of Souls written by Michael Newton. When she mentioned it – it kind of rang a bell in my head – didn’t I have that book to???? YES i did! I’d bought it a few years ago – but never seemed to have the time to read it. This time – i did! As a sceptic I had a lot of questions poping up – all the way through the book. But they all got answered. I was impressed. Everything seemed so locigal after reading this. And I’m definitely not afraid of dying anymore.

I recommend this book to everyone – who believe that our souls live on after our physical life on earth. For those who need comfort after loosing dear ones – or just is afraid to die.

Wish you the best - XX

(All photos are googled!)

fredag 7. august 2009

Colin Fry

Lately I’ve become a great fan of Colin Fry. Not only does he help a lot of people to get some kind of closure – but he looks soooo cute :o)

NB! Picture from Google!

His tv-show – 6ixth sense – has become one of my favorites.

I am watching all the “6ixth sense-shows” I can find. Love the way he presents the messages from the other side to the loved ones left behind. He seems very down-to-earth when he communicates with his audience and he makes me feel that death is not so scary after all.

At 23. and 25. of august – he will be in Oslo – doing 2 live shows.

I would love to get some kind of message from any of my dead relatives passed on to me – but unfortunately I can’t go. Wonder when I will have the opportunity to see him i real life. Experience his gift - kind of - face to face :o) However – today I got a mail from one of his co-workers – and I feel so lucky – almost like a teenager getting an autograph from an idol :o) It’s sort of like winning a lottery :o) Thank you Kevin (and Colin)!!!

THIS is a link to his web-site!!

So what do you think about Colin and his work? Do you believe in his gift and ability to talk with spirits passed on?

I definitely believe in him, his work and his gift :o)


I got this picture i na forward-mail.

If my written english has major errors – please correct me :o)

torsdag 6. august 2009

Here we go!


I used to have a blog where I wrote about things I experienced and other stuff on my mind.

But it seemed to be difficult to get readers/visitors to my blog.

However - my sister in law, who had an interior-blog – gained great success and lots of visitors.

I realized that I had to change my blog in order to get out to the readers.

My first mistake was that I got hung up in how many hits there were on my page compared to my sister in law’s. I split my blog in two and made one of them a bit like my sister in law’s blog. I registered in a blog-community and got much more response. This was a community for interior-blogs and that was my second mistake. The blogging did not make me feel good anymore.

I did NOT want to write about the things I bought on my last shopping round, my new kitchen curtains or the cupboard that I painted to look shabby chic. Not without having something more to tell  along with it. It felt like I’ve turned into a “no-brain-copy-paste-look what I can do-blogger”. No offense to those who like to blog that way – but I did not.

I wanted to write about heaven and hell, ghosts, books, music, my obvious depression, alternative thinking/doing and my own poems. I wanted to make people laugh, cry, be shocked or just interested in what I wrote. Not just peek at my photos, write a comment like; you’re sooo good at this or that. I wanted people to get involved, take a stand and start discussions.

I still do!!

So I closed my blogs – took a long break – thinking. And now I am back with my new blog – My big white book – where nothing is secret but still not unpleasant. Still with me?? Please leave a comment or say hello :o)