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lørdag 24. oktober 2009

Coming Back by Raymond Moody

Raymond Moody was - and still is, a sceptic – like me. However I think I’m convinced of the fact that we have lived before. I believe in reincarnation and a life both before and after life. I even believe there is a life between lives. When he first wrote the book Life after life – a book about near death experiences – he received a lot of letters from readers all over. In between all these letters/stories he found information about people remembering their previous lives as well. He decided that he had to look into the matter and even went for a regression himself.

He found NINE previous lives.


The book Coming Back – is written at the end of the eighties and a lot has happend in the world since that time. We are much more open about this subject now, a lot of books are written and a lot of people have come forward telling their stories. But even if this book is a bit old – I found it interesting. He wrote about stuff I never heard about before. He said something about people who believe and those who disbelieve – they are actually “in the same boat”. Previous lives are impossible to prove or contradict. I guess it’s up to each and everyone of us – if we believe or disbelieve. Raymond Moody still write books, is available for personal consultations, holds lectures/workshops and participate in a numerous radio- and tv-shows – including Oprah :o)  


A theraphist, believing in reincarnation – described life in this way; 

It feels like waiting in line for a ride in a roller-coaster. They say that when a man is in line for a ticket, something inside of him knows that when he sits with his head down - in really high speed, he actually don’t want to be there. But still he buy’s his ticket, the excitement is unavoidable.

The fact that we will be inflicted by various diseases and be exposed of disasters, is not important compeared to the fact that we will learn a lot about ourselves spiritually – as we time after time line up for a ride in The Roller-coaster of Life. 

Raymond Moody uses words like cryptomnesia and xenoglossy as alternative causes for old memories and pictures coming up. He also touches the subject of hypnagogic state.

Kryptomnesia is described as episodes when memories/pictures hidden deep inside are coming up again – in a way as if they are new. Most likely in creative situations. Among others, Helen Keller once got fooled by a situation like this, writing the story The Frost King. As it turned out, the story was a “copy” of The Frost Fairies – written by another author 29 years earlier. Since Helen Keller was both blind and deaf – she had to totally depend on others for knowledge and information. She had no conscious memories about this story and was stunned. It turned out that a friend of her, “read” her the story some years before she wrote The Frost King. 

Xenoglossy happens when a client starts to talk a foreign language during regression. Sometimes the therapists knows the language, other times they don’t. Those who believe in reincarnation may think the client talk in a “lost” or “dead” language. Why they do this is unknown. Maybe the client recently overheard the language on the bus or on the radio or someplace else. The believers think it is a sign of previous lives.

Hypnagogic state is the state we are in, between beeing fully awake and beeing asleep. Not sleeping – not awake. During a hypnotic regression – one easily gets into a hypnagogic state and we gets up very colorful and complicated pictures. The difference from dreams is that we don’t participate, but are wathing it all from the sideline and still know where we actually are. In dreams we are a part of the action.   


Then we are left with some new information, telling us what’s NOT regressions to previous lives. But with all the other cases – well – who knows??

An intriguing and interesting book – no matter what wiew you have in this situation. I would like to believe that we live several lives – and don’t just turn off the switch when we die. It’s a really comforting thought that we can be reunited with our loved ones on the other side.

All my love!!

søndag 18. oktober 2009


.. say the sweetest things.

BUT – when my four-year old told me she was looking forward to die – my heart almost stopped.

I got a grip of myself and asked her; Why?

She looked at me – as if I was a bit stupid or something and said; Because - then I will become an angel!

DSC_0001 (2)

And I am sure she will!!!

The Magician

In Tarot – we have this card called; The Magician. At the forum Magicgate – they asked for the users interpretation of this card. I am using The Gilded Tarot deck and The Magician is different from the one they are showing in the forum.

But I love my tarot deck.

The Magician Gilded Tarot

This is “The Magician”. 

He looks strong and wise. In full control of the four elements; wands, cups, swords and pentacles. He knows how to use them – and how powerful they are. So for me “The Magician” represent knowledge, wisdom and full control of will and elements. There is a small warning about this card however;  one need to be aware of negative manipulation and control as a result of “the power”.

Do you have a tarot deck?

Which one?

Do you use it regularly for information or just for fun?

I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment.


DSC_0038 DSC_0037

In the shops these days - there are Halloween stuff all over. I wasn’t sure about what date it was – but googled it and found that it was due on 31. oktober. I’m not a great fan of this event – but it seems like the kids love it. However – it doesn’t have that long of a tradition here in Norway, but we are slowly catching up.


I’ve already bought some candy and other stuff – but I guess we need a lot more … :o)

Hopefully it will be a nice evening after all.

Do you “celebrate” Halloween?

What’s the most important thing about that evening? Hints or tips?

All the best .. HUGS!!

lørdag 10. oktober 2009

I just can’t help myself ..

.. but sometimes I do weird things. And I mean weird.

I do have a self-destructing aspect in my personality. Unfortunately.

Let’s say I want to loose some weight. I decide that TODAY is the first day on my new diet. And what happens? After a couple of hours – my body, or more correctly – my head - craves for something good. Cake – icecream or just sugar. Or maybe melted cheese … or pizza … or … How long does it take before I’m off my diet???

DSC_0004 (2)DSC_0004 

Sometimes when I’m trying to save up some money – that’s the times when I desperately need to buy this or that. It’s like I have to do the opposite of what I’m actually is going to. It gets me so frustrated.


There are som web-pages or blogs that I just need to visit as often as I can. Some of them because they are interesting, others because they are useful or just fun. But then there is some pages I just have to visit because they really annoyes me. People writing the most stupid things. I just can’t help myself – I have to comment or ask questions about what they actually mean with it all. This makes me feel “not so nice”. But then again – it might make the readers AND the writers think a little bit further – realizing what’s been written - is just plain stupid.


I’ve always thought that if one doesn’t have anything nice to say – then just don’t say anything. I would certainly not tell any lies – just to keep a friendly tone. I’m done with that. BUT – when I ask my questions or come with my comments – I try not to be spiteful or make others feel bad.

In blogs there are often written comments that are not so nice – I have to say that I am not one of them – but if I read something I think is wrong or just plain stupid – I ask questions or write comments just to put a finger on the issue. That must be called constuctive criticism – or what?


Now – you might think this is a plain stupid post – but then you are free to ask me questions or leave a comment - so that I understand what I could have done different to make my point shine through. You know – when bad comments are given with a good attention – they’re not so bad after all. It’s like this small pond (see photo above) that the rain makes in my driveway – then the rain is not so bad after all :o)

Have a be-nice day :o)