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torsdag 24. desember 2009

Merry Christmas

.. well – I’ll guess it will be Christmas after all .. :o)


These last days went rather slowly. Didn’t seem to get anything done. But it will be Christmas no matter what :o) I think that I have remembered everybody I should remember – but still I have some kind of nagging feeling in the back of my head. I really  hope it’s just my imagination. Most of my house is done – some small tasks before Grandma comes visiting, is left. But with my youngest getting up at five/six in the morning – I think I’ll  manage to get that stuff done before breakfast .. :o)

So – all that’s left to do – is to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I will be visiting your blogs as soon as the Christmas is settled – and I’ve got som spare-time. Enjoy your holidays. Take good care of each other – and remember to send som loving thoughts to those whom doesn’t enjoy Christmas as much as we do.

Now – it’s bedtime – I just might get a couple of hours sleep – maybe a little more – before the little Princess of this house commands us out of bed :o)

All my love .. :o)


fredag 18. desember 2009

More than enough

Overf ©rt fra kamera 7 mai 2008 260

I’m finding it strange that humans all over the world, can’t manage to agree about plans for saving our environment. Saving our planet. Making sure we have a world where our children and their offsprings can live in the future. But – as in everything else – it’s all about money. The rich never gets enough. And the countries which barely keeps their head over the surface – turnes out to be the loosers – again.

I think those countries – which only “survive” because of their polluting industries – should get subsidy and help from other countries, so that they can reduse their contamination of the environment. But – as it is today – they are punished instead – having to pay large amounts of money – so their economic conditions gets – if possible – even worse. The point is not to make as much money as possible – it is about saving our planet! Unfortunately too many of the rich countries – just doesn’t get the sharing-thing .. When that is said – there are of course countries that pollute a lot – that have the resources to do something about it – but won’t – just because “the others don’t do it …” I guess I’ve heard that saying before – from my kids about stuff I’ve said they’ll have to do ..  

This issue is so important!!! For every single human being – for everything on this planet – our world – mother earth!


Now – when we are going to celebrate Christmas and there are abundance all over – it may be wise to take a look at oneself. Both when it comes to the environment but also in addition to the powerty we see a lot of places. Can we limit our consumption in any ways? Can we share with those less fortunate than ourselves? Can we do – … something??? Do we need all that food? All those ornaments? All decorations – lights and so on? How much of all the food we buy for Christmas – will actually be eaten? How much do we throw away?

I have to admit that I’m not so clever on this area either. I do throw away food, with a bad feeling though. I do keep too many lamps burning around the clock, using a dryer for my clothes, the dishwasher is running almost every day, computers, tv’s etc is always on stand-by and much more. It’s for sure that I can do a lot to help the environment on my own. Maybe you can do something as well?? Both for environment – and for powerty. Maybe we can celebrate Christmas without the little bad feeling sneaking up on us in such occasions? Wouldn’t it feel good to be without that feeling every now and again – or maybe forever? :o)


There are lots of thoughts  that goes around in my mind – but I guess it’s time to wish you all a wonderful pre-Christmas-time and tell you to enjoy everyone of them. After all – most of us in the Blog-world is very fortunate and have the opportunity to do just that.


Hugs - Torilpia

tirsdag 15. desember 2009


Not long ago – a Canadian blogger; Andrea (with the blog; Beauty and Old Things) wrote shortly about her feelings for Africa and the feeling of those things she will never see. I quote;

“There are so many things that I will never see and it bothers me a lot. I watched "Out of Africa" (LOVE), a couple of nights ago, and it opened a hole in my soul...The sights, the time period. I may get to Africa but I will never see enough.”

This short paragraph made me think. About Africa, the animals, the threats from the growing deserts, the extermination of threatened animal species and so on. But this is not something that only happens in Africa. Rare animal species are threatened with extermination all over the world. The climate is getting warmer and there is danger of rising sea levels. There are extreme weather conditions, melting of glaciers and sea ice. Destruction of the rain forrest and of important corals in the sea.

A Danish blog that I’ve found resently; Himmel og fjord – mentioned a website called 100places.com. On this site you can read about all of this. This is actually a collection of 100 pictures/videos taken from places all over the world, that have some kind of threat hanging over them. "100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear". You can also read about the things you and I can do to help the earth getting better. So that we are part of the solution. Here is two of their pictures; from Western Hudson Bay, Canada and The Maldives.

100 places: Western Hudson Bay, Canada

100 places: The Maldive Islands, The Indian Ocean

So maybe it’s a time for travelling

– se as much as we can –

or maybe just the opposite

– let’s save this planet first?

Overføring fra bærbar 272 

So – go see that website!!


All my love – Torilpia


lørdag 12. desember 2009


My first meeting with this kind of music, was when a co-worker introduced me to Andreas Vollenweider’s Caverna Magica. Since then I’ve grown quite fond of such music and I always find something that fit’s for my state of mind. This is one of his old ones – and definitely worth listening to.

Slowly – the Christmas is getting closer. Not everyone loves this season and everybody doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Then this time might be kind of awkward – I guess. With so many preparing for Christmas – it’s easy to feel left out – unless you have a great support system behind you. Children might feel this in school or among friends – without actually understanding why they don’t celebrate. On the other hand – those who choose not to celebrate – because they just don’t want to – or just don’t care – are a little off the hook – since they don’t have to answere to a higher force or some kind of God. So what is this season all about anyway? Is it a pagan tradition from the earths origin – the really old days? Is it to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Is it a celebration of the sun – starting it’s cycle towards brighter/lighter days?

What’s it to you?

For me it’s mainly about traditions – the opportunities to be with family. Doing all those Christmas-things that the children loves. Making cookies. Christmas decorations. Creating gifts. Wrapping in gifts. Making and writing Christmas-cards and – tags. The candles and the glitter. Lots of Santas and Angels – all over. The peace on Christmas eve – the music. Children singing. As long as my children loves this – I will do it. And I love it as well.

Enjoy your pre-Christmas-days – if you celebrate it or not :o)

All the best – Torilpia!


onsdag 9. desember 2009

Utopia ..

If every human being really wants to ..

.. we can stop all fighting ..

.. end all powerty ..

.. and ..

.. correct all the “bad” things in our world.

Overf ©rt fra kamera 7 mai 2008 261

But only if everybody wants to …

.. together we have all that power – an amazing gift!


From Wikipedia;

“Utopia is a name for an ideal community or society, that is taken from Of the Best State of a Republic, and of the New Island Utopia, a book written in 1516 by Sir Thomas More describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean, possessing a seemingly perfect socio-politico-legal system. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempted to create an ideal society, and fictional societies portrayed in literature. "Utopia" is sometimes used pejoratively, in reference to an unrealistic ideal that is impossible to achieve.”


All my love – Torilpia!


tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Regrets ..

There are things I regret doing .. and there are things I regret NOT doing.  I guess both ways it’s unpleasant to think about later on. Most of the time I’ve tried to make use of the opportunities I’ve stumbled across – but things aren’t always as simple as they first appear to be. When it comes to what I do for others, I have done things I regret – but there are more things that I regret NOT doing. This is something I need to work on.

Today – on our way into the nearest city (Trondheim) – we did see this old man slip and fall onto the icy road leading up to his house. He struggled to get up – but we didn’t see if he made it, because we passed his house so fast. I couldn’t let go of the scene – and made my father turn around and go back to see if he was ok. Luckily he was gone – so he must have made it back inside. Hopefully without much damage. And I finally could let go. We did the right thing about it – even if it turned out it wasn’t necessary to go back.

Later – downtown – I passed this young man selling books, outside a shop I went into. He wasn’t able to talk, but tried to communicate anyway. These books/magazines gives the salespersons 50% of the income and it’s basically alcoholics, drug-addicts and so on, whom are selling them. After passing I kept thinking about this and I really think it’s a good concept. I usually buy these kinds of magazines, but have never bought books. People selling these books are amazing, and so eager to get money in other ways than by criminal actions. When I came outside – I went up to him – giving him the money and got myself a copy of the book and a beautiful, greatful smile. It turnes out the book is full of interesting stuff – and a lot of it. Guess I have something to read for a long time :o)

AND not to forget – I feel like I’ve done very good today!


It doesn’t have to be that big self-uplifting thing – but small things like I’ve told you about here – that makes a difference. To others and especially for one self. What have you done lately – that made you feel great – that made you feel that you made a difference to others? These small things today – made it for me. And it wasn’t hard – at all!!

Have a wonderful evening, night and day – all the best – Torilpia :o)


mandag 7. desember 2009

The Rose

Many years ago – I watched Bette Midler in the movie The Rose. The film touched me deeply. It’s about a young female singer (Mary Rose Foster – The Rose) and is more or less based on Janis Joplins life. This song is taken from that movie – and even if this youtube-post is not so good – I still get the same feeling – as I did first time I watched the movie and heard this song. I still feel like crying.

It also makes me think about all the wonderfull people – that are no longer with us. Singers, writers, actors and in other ways - loved ones. I just have to play it one more time – before I wipe my tears.

All my love – to my readers and to all of those wonderful people that makes us feel good by sharing music, words and actions with the rest of us.

Hugs .. Torilpia!


tirsdag 1. desember 2009

Jesus – The King

My four-year-old daughter was in church today. When she came home – I asked her about the church-visit.

I: Did you sing Christmas-carols in the church?

My daughter: No, we sang Jesus-songs!

I: Ok, so now you know who Jesus was?

My daughter: Yes, and he wore a white dress. And he is some kind of king – up in a cloud somewhere. But he doesn’t wear a crown – like the real kings do ….

A little bit cute though :o)

It makes me think about something I read in the local newspaper yesterday. An American woman found a print on her iron – not long ago. She’s convinced that it’s Jesus on that print. And that he sent her a sign – that everything was going to be fine. Struggling at work and in the middle of a divorce – she really needed something good in her life.

So what do you think? Does it look like Jesus? Do you think it’s a sign from Jesus (or God)? Does it actually matter if it was or not? I mean – if it made her feel better, and it gave her some faith – who are we to judge about this? Nobody will ever know – until they are dead – or - maybe not, even then.

Some say Jesus and God exists – others say they don’t. But if we think about it – does anybody really know? There are people who say they’ve talked to God or seen Jesus. But they can’t prove it to us – in a way that shows us it’s true. We can choose to believe. And on what grounds? Only their way of letting us know. Their way of expressing themselves. And most likely their charisma. I do believe in Neale Donald Walsch – I really do – the more I read – the more I believe.

I think the print looks like Jesus – but as others have expressed – it also looks a little like Mona Lisa .. :o) But as humans we have an ability to see “faces” in everything, and everywhere. I used to have nightmares because of the curtains I had on my room as a child .. they were full of faces .. :o)


Wish you all a wonderful day, evening, night – God bless :o)


The pictures in this post is Googled.